Friday, May 11, 2012

May 11., 2012. - RC-East operational update

BAGRAM, Afghanistan – Afghan and coalition forces killed at least five insurgents and found multiple weapons caches during operations in eastern Afghanistan throughout the past 24 hours, May 10.

Paktika province
Afghan National Army soldiers, Afghan Uniform Police and Afghan Local Police killed at least five insurgents who were using suicide vests, rocket propelled grenade launchers and small arms to attack Yahya Khel district Capital. Two insurgent’s suicide vests detonated killing two ANSF personnel. One Afghan civilian was also killed and two ANSF personnel were wounded by insurgents during the attack.

Nangarhar province
Afghan Uniform Police discovered 500 shotguns inside a dump truck in Behsud district. AUP detained three individuals from the vehicle and confiscated the weapons and truck.

Ghazni province
ANA soldiers and coalition forces discovered two weapon caches in a mosque and its surrounding area in Qarah Bagh district. The caches contained material used to make improvised explosive devises, mines, small arms and rocket-propelled grenade launcher rounds.

Operations in RC-East are still ongoing.

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NATO soldier shot dead by individual in Afghan army uniform

A NATO soldier was shot dead by an individual in Afghan National Army uniform in eastern regions of the country on Friday.

NATO-led International security Assistance Force following a press release on Friday announced, “An individual wearing an Afghan National Army uniform turned his weapon against coalition service members in eastern Afghanistan today, killing one service member.”

The source did not disclose further information regarding the exact location of the incident and nationality of the deceased soldier.

International Security Assistance Force generally do not disclose identities of the NATO soldiers killed in Afghanistan saying, “It is ISAF policy to defer casualty identification procedures to the relevant national authorities.”

At least 149 NATO service members including 103 US troops, 18 British and 28 troops from the other NATO member countries have been killed in various incidents since the beginning of 2012 in Afghanistan.

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May 11., 2012. - ISAF Joint Command Morning Operational Update

KABUL, Afghanistan (May 11) — An Afghan and coalition security force conducted an operation to detain a Taliban facilitator in Nahr-e Saraj district, Helmand province, today.

The facilitator provides weapons, ammunition and roadside bomb-making materials to insurgents. He also transports funds for senior Taliban leaders operating in central Helmand.

The security force detained multiple suspected insurgents as a result of this operation.

In other International Security Assistance Force news throughout Afghanistan:

In Tarnek wa Jaldak district, Zabul province, an Afghan-led security force supported by coalition troops conducted an operation to capture a Taliban facilitator today. The facilitator supplies weapons, ammunition, and equipment to insurgents for attacks against Afghan and coalition security forces. He also coordinates the movement of suicide bombers for attacks within Daman district. Multiple suspected insurgents were detained during the operation.

A combined Afghan and coalition security force conducted an operation to search suspected narcotics-processing facilities in Baghran district, Helmand province, Tuesday. As the combined force reached the area, insurgents opened fire with small arms. The security force returned fire, killing several insurgents. A subsequent search of the area discovered a drug cache containing 330 pounds of morphine base, more than 400 pounds of opium, 880 pounds of poppy seeds, and more than 2,000 pounds of drug-processing materials. Several improvised explosive device-making materials and small arms weapons were also discovered. The security force destroyed the drug related materials and weapons at the scene without further incident.
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